Zoom in on these Features When Getting a Video Tour of a Home’s Exterior

Video tours are becoming more popular than ever. But there’s more to a home video tour than checking out a well-appointed kitchen and spacious master suite.

In fact, it was probably a shot of the home’s exterior that got you interested in the first place. Yet, when it comes to a video tour, do you know what to look for?

Here are some tips for ensuring you ask the right questions and get the right views of your potential new home’s outdoor space:

1. Don’t rely on Google Street View. It’s quick, easy and accessible, but relying on Google Street View to give you a look at the neighborhood could be misleading. Often, the images you see aren’t current, so there can be property changes that aren’t showing up. Instead, as your agent, I can stand on each corner of the property and pan around, giving you a real-time view from all angles.

2. See how cozy you will be with the neighbors. Neighbors are great, but if you feel like you’re living practically on top of them, no one is happy. You’ll want a video view of the backyard. How close will you be to your neighbors if you’re both using your pools or having a cookout at the same time?

3. Get a feel for features and the surroundings. It’s not enough just to pan the grounds. Does the sprinkler system work? What about the outdoor water spigots? You’ll also want to be on the lookout for exterior problems, such as cracks in the foundation or heaving concrete in the driveway. Check out the condition of the A/C condenser and the roof.

You want to know how much you are likely to need to put into updates and repairs early on. Other issues of importance? Anything nearby that could interfere with your enjoyment of the property, such as a cell tower, rundown property or excessive number of cars parked in the street. Listen for traffic and other noise.

4 .Make sure landscaping matches your budget. You may have been taken in by the gorgeous, professionally maintained landscape, but does it fit your budget? Perfectly manicured grounds with dozens and dozens of plantings can really enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors. But, don’t underestimate the cost of keeping the property looking its best.

5. Get the lay of the land. If you are looking for a flat backyard, be sure to ask about the lay of the land because video can be deceiving. You want to understand just how the house is set on the lot and where the corners of the property lie.

6. Check the deck and patio. If the house has a wood deck, wear and tear are common issues. Not only will you want to get good views of the deck, but as your agent, I can shake and grab various parts of the railing and test the steps to ensure structural integrity. You’ll also want to know if there are boards that need replacing, power washing and staining.

With patios, we’ll want to look for any cracks. If built with pavers, be sure there has not been any heaving or loosening of the pavers, which could mean the ground was not properly prepared.

If you’re ready to schedule a video home tour, I can discuss all of the ways I will ensure you get a full view of both the interior and exterior of your selected properties. 

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