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Thinking About Purchasing a Fixer-Upper? Here are 4 Things to Consider

Thinking about buying a fixer-upper? Buying a property in need of renovation and turning it into a suitable personal residence can be extremely satisfying. But tackling a fixer-upper can also be challenging. For starters, when inventories are tight, it can be difficult to purchase a fixer-upper at a significantly lower price than the market value of a comparable move-in ready home. That can...

5 Ways Your Favorite Real Estate Reality Show Is Anything But Reality

It’s hard not to get glued to the 30-minute drama of some of today’s property-buying-flipping-loving-and-listing lineup of real estate reality TV shows. After all, they are pretty entertaining. And, that’s the point. These shows are simply entertainment. But if you log too many hours watching reality TV versions of real estate, you may start to get a skewed idea of what it’s really like...

Renovation in Your Future? 10 Steps to Keep it on Track

If you’re thinking about a major renovation on your home or planning to buy a fixer-upper, you’re probably not looking forward to the renovation process. But, there are also specific steps you can take that will not only reduce your stress, but also reduce the risk of a major delay or misstep. Here are 10 tips based on advice from San Francisco-based architectural color specialist...

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