Safe and Secure: Here’s How to Choose Your Home Security System

Home security systems have gone through tremendous changes in recent years, with smart phone integration and do-it-yourself installed systems becoming more sophisticated. 

While new tech development is good news for consumers, it also leaves many homeowners wondering where to turn when it comes to choosing a new or updated home security system. Here are some considerations before making your purchase:

What features are important to you?

The best place to start is to ask yourself, what features of a home security system are most important? When people think about a home security system, they often think about protection against intruders. But, today’s security systems can address a variety of needs.

Figuring out the right costs and equipment becomes easier once you’ve narrowed down the features you would like for your system. In general, today’s home security systems fall into three main categories: security equipment, environmental monitoring and home automation. 

Traditional security

This category includes devices like burglar alarms, outdoor cameras and glass break alarms. This is the category of home security systems for you if theft, intrusion and vandalism are your greatest needs.

Smart home automation

This category has really come into its own in the past few years. Home automation can do things like close your overhead garage door from remote locations, turn your lights on and off while you’re away on vacation or open your window blinds every morning. 

Home environment monitoring

There’s nothing like coming home to find a broken pipe has flooded your home. Equipment like smoke alarms, plumbing failure detectors, and gas leak alarms fall into this category of environmental monitoring.

Should you opt for DIY or professional installation? 

With security systems adopting cellular technology, it’s easier than ever for homeowners to install systems without the help of a professional. But there are pros and cons to going that route.

Professional installation is the more costly, but involves the least amount of work. On the other hand, you have the experience of a professional installer

Installing the system yourself is less expensive, but you may miss the peace of mind or wealth of features you get with an experienced professional installing your system. 

A last word on costs

It can be tempting to let your budget determine your system. But, a better tactic may be to review and select the type of system that gives the features you want, then look for a version that comes closest to your budget. 

While there are great systems that are very budget friendly, you also don’t want to compromise safety, health or your home just to save a few dollars.

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