Phoenix housing market

Insider Insights: Understanding the Slowing of Phoenix’s Housing Market

The Phoenix housing market has been hot for years, but recent trends suggest a slowdown in the market. With interest rates rising, days on market increasing, inventory shortages, and hesitancy about the future, there are several factors that contribute to the cooling down of the Phoenix housing market.Interest RatesInterest rates are a critical factor in the housing market, as they can have a significant...

Maximizing Your Home Sale in a Cooling Phoenix Market

The current state of the Phoenix housing market is a crucial factor to consider if you plan to sell your home. According to statistics from Phoenix Realtors, median home prices have dropped by over 8% compared to the previous year, indicating that the market is cooling off. Additionally, a recent report from Goldman Sachs predicts a decline in housing values by up to 25%, which highlights the uncertainty...

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