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Wheeling and Dealing: Here’s What to Consider When Negotiating Your Home Purchase

Whether or not you’re a first-time homebuyer, you’ve probably given some thought to how to negotiate with the seller when it comes to contract time. But most homebuyers focus only on price. While price is critical, it isn’t the only part of the contract you may want to negotiate. Particularly in a market when inventories are low, being able to negotiate on things besides price could help your...

Odors Could Be Telling You Something About That Home You’re About to Buy

There’s a reason homeowners bake bread or cookies just before a showing or open house. Those pleasant odors stir emotions and make lasting impressions when it comes to buying a home. But when those impressions are made by something far less inviting than fresh-baked goodies, it could spell trouble down the road. When it comes to touring a home you may potentially buy, your nose usually knows....

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