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Homeowners: Why This is a Good Time to Sell Your Home

While not the case with most other parts of the economy, the housing market remained relatively unscathed when it emerged from 2020. In fact, some might characterize it as being stronger than ever. High demand, bolstered by low mortgage rates, has resulted in higher home prices—and that’s a story that’s played out here in Arizona as well as across the country. Despite the strong seller’s...

Ready, Set…Win! How to Buy a House in a Highly Competitive Market

Saying that the housing market is highly competitive is an understatement. Continued tight inventory means buyers can expect conditions to continue. But if you’re looking to make a move, whether first-time homebuyer or not, don’t let frustration rule the day. As with any challenge, being prepared is often the key to coming out on top. Someone is getting an offer accepted—it may as well be...

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