Fixer Upper

Thinking About Purchasing a Fixer-Upper? Here are 4 Things to Consider

Thinking about buying a fixer-upper? Buying a property in need of renovation and turning it into a suitable personal residence can be extremely satisfying. But tackling a fixer-upper can also be challenging. For starters, when inventories are tight, it can be difficult to purchase a fixer-upper at a significantly lower price than the market value of a comparable move-in ready home. That can mean...

Ready to Buy? Five Red Flags to Consider Before Making an Offer

If you’re a first-time home buyer, or simply haven’t been in the market for awhile, it can be easy to make a misstep in the buying process. Fresh paint and a favorable floor plan can blind you to bigger items that could bring buyer’s regret down the road. No matter how hot the market is or how rushed you feel, be sure you like the neighborhood and aren’t getting in over your head with a fixer...

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