Staging on a Dime: Get Your Home Show-Ready Without Busting Your Budget

If you’re thinking about putting your home on the market, you may have given some thought to staging. After all, staged homes sell 88% faster and for an astounding 20% more on average than homes where sellers didn’t give any thought to home staging.

The drawback to staging, however, is obvious—it usually isn’t cheap if you’re going to engage the help of a professional home stager.

If hiring a stager and renting furnishings isn’t in your budget, there’s still some things you can do to reap some of the benefits without the high price tag. 

Here are some budget-friendly tips that will get your home show ready without breaking the bank.

Ask your agent for help

One of the easiest ways to get your home in tip-top shape without hiring a stager is to ask your real estate agent for help. As your listing agent, I can assess your home and provide you with a list of priorities for getting it ready for market. I can also offer recommendations, room by room, and offer budget-friendly suggestions that will have your home looking its best.

Exile outdated décor

Those silk flowers gathering dust in the living room? Time to give them the heave-ho. Outdated draperies? Show them the door. You’d be surprised at the little things you can either discard or update because they are no longer in favor. You should even be sure your house number isn’t outdated. If it looks like script from the 80s, replace it with something that better reflects your home’s architectural style—and the current decade.

Give old furniture a cover up

Have some dated or worn furniture you’re not ready to part with? Instead of letting it become a centerpiece of your home’s showing or open house, cover it up with a slipcover. Take a pass on the stretchy, one-size-fits most versions available at your local discount retailer. Instead, search online for sites that offer form-fitting, modern day slipcovers, either ready-made or made-to-order. You’ll be surprised at how your old sofa or loveseat can look brand new without the investment of new furniture.

Update with bed-in-a-bag bargains

If you’ve got spare rooms with a hodgepodge of linens, give them a low-cost makeover with bed-in-a-bag bedding from discount stores. Pick something simple and neutral in color. Add a few extra bed pillows, which can often be had for less than a set of throw pillows.

Avoid expensive storage

Clutter and overflowing closets are both big no-no’s. But renting a storage unit can get real pricey, real fast. Plus, you’ll have to pay for a rental truck to get your stuff there. There are some less-expensive alternatives to traditional storage, such as, which starts at $27 per month. And, they’ll take care of getting your stuff from your home to their storage. Search online and evaluate which storage alternatives would work best for you.

Brighten up the bathroom

Renovating an outdated bathroom can be expensive. But painting cabinets and adding new hardware can give your bathroom a whole new look. Replace your old shower curtain with a high-quality, cloth one.

Borrow some decor

Need a painting, vase or occasional chair to really finish off a room? Instead of buying new items—unless you plan on using them again—ask if you can borrow a few pieces from friends or family. They may even have things stashed away in their basement or attic that you didn’t know they had. You’ll only need the items for a short time, so you may not run into much resistance. You may also be able to get something on the cheap using Facebook marketplace or at thrift stores.

Make buyers feel at home

It’s so simple, it’s often overlooked, but adding simple, low-cost touches like a bowl of lemons or a vase of fresh-cut flowers. Take it a step further by adding place settings to your dining table or a tea cup and newspaper on a bed tray in the master. These homey touches will help buyers to see your house as a home.

It’s amazing how little things can really add up to make a difference. I can help you see your home through the eyes of a prospective buyer and give you tips on readying your home for showings.

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