Simple Staging Tips to Grab Buyer Attention Without Busting Your Budget

Even if your home is in good condition, you’ll want it looking its absolute best when you’re ready to put it on the market. Helping your home make a great first impression can mean the difference between a quick sale at full list price and offers below what you were expecting.

It doesn’t need to cost a lot to get great results. Here are 10 some simple staging tips that will add a boost of wow factor to your humble home:

1. Start with first impressions. Did you know that someone considering your home is likely to do a quick drive-by before making an appointment? Here are some quick tips for luring in buyers:

  • Power wash your home’s exterior, railings and walkways
  • Replace worn, outdated house numbers
  • Add a burst of color with blooming flowers and fresh greenery
  • Be sure the front landscaping looks pristine
  • Wash front windows so that they sparkle

2. Make your porch and exterior entry welcoming. Whether you have a tiny stoop or a porch that runs the length of your house, make it more welcoming with a fresh doormat, a potted plant and, if you have the space, one or two pieces of simple outdoor furniture. Be sure your porch lights are on overnight and use solar lights to mark your walkway.

3. Clear away all clutter. If you are serious about staging your home to get top dollar, you’ll need to ditch the clutter and clean the closets. If you are a parent of young children, remove all toys except for children’s rooms. You should not look like you operate a daycare.

4.Super clean your house. From floors to windows, your entire home should be absolutely gleaming when you’re done cleaning it. And, if you tackle the job yourself, this will be the least expensive step you can take in getting your home ready for market—but also one of the most impactful.

5. Tone down your personal style. Bohemian style may be your favorite, but it may or may not be the taste of a prospective buyer. Whether it’s showing off some collectibles or decorating in a certain style, it may be best to rein in your taste until you get your home sold. That goes for your choice of colors as well. You want to appeal to as many buyers as possible.

6. Clean, but inviting. Once your home is clean from top to bottom, stage it with a few items to make it seem inviting rather than stark and cold. Keep surfaces clean, but add a vase of fresh-cut flowers. Add a bowl of lemons or fresh produce in an attractive container on the kitchen island. Don’t forget the dining room table.

7. Brighten what’s underfoot. Whether it just takes a thorough cleaning—don’t forget that tile grout—or you need to employ more drastic measures, like refinishing wood floors or replacing carpet, consider what’s underfoot. If you can’t afford to refinish tired, wood floors, invest in some attractive area rugs.

8. Rearrange your living room. Pull furniture away from walls and use combinations that provide conversation areas. Symmetrical arrangements work best.

9. Present a gender-neutral master suite. Remove overly feminine or masculine décor in favor of something more gender-neutral. Go for fresh, but neutral, linens and add a blanket throw at the foot of the bed. Remove personal care items from your bathroom and decorate with fluffy towels and some live greenery. Before a showing, put out fresh guest soaps.

10. Return spare rooms to their original purpose. If you have been using your fourth bedroom as a dumping ground or home gym, it’s time to return the room to guest room status or set it up as a home office, something buyers are increasingly interested in.

As your real estate agent, I can provide you with some tips for getting your home prepared if you are getting ready to list.

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