Home Buyer’s Remorse: 5 Things You Thought You Would Love—Until You Moved In

You found a new home that checks all the right boxes. You’re elated. But now, it’s six months later and the bloom is off the rose. Something that seemed like a “must have” is now a “wish we hadn’t.”  Where did things go wrong?

Sadly, it happens. Sometimes, it’s predictable. Like buying on a busy street despite the traffic. Or, wishing you’d listened to that little voice that said your new commute was going to be a nightmare.

But often, it’s those little things that you were so enthusiastic about—until you had to live with them. Sure, they might not be deal-breakers. But, they also may not have deserved to be quite so high on your list of priorities.

Here are five features that sometimes—surprisingly—end up disappointing down the road:

1. Open floor plans

Who doesn’t love an open floor plan? This layout has long been at the top of buyers’ “must have” lists. After all, who needs a  formal living room or dining room these days?

Perhaps you. Never has the need for a bit of privacy and alone time become more apparent than during the pandemic. The inability to go into another room and have it to yourself is painfully apparent.

There is also the noise issue. With no walls to buffer sound, you may feel like you’ve moved into an echo chamber. Do you really want to hear the upstairs toilet flush from your living room?

If you still think the pros of an open floor plan outweigh the drawbacks, go for it. But plan to invest in some rugs, window treatments and artwork to act as sound buffers. And, be ready to enjoy all that together time.

2. Half-bath

It seems so convenient. Guests won’t have to go upstairs to use the bathroom. The problem is, main floor half baths are rarely in private areas. They’re often near the front door. Or, off the kitchen or dining room. Because of that, don’t expect the half bath to get much use.

Of course this doesn’t mean you should pass on a house just because it has a half bath. But don’t spend too much time and money updating it. No one will notice.

3. Designer sinks

They are nothing if not chic. They’re the perfect way to bring sophistication to an otherwise dull bathroom. But, those gorgeous bowl sinks are not the most convenient or comfortable to use. The height is all wrong for most people. Not to mention they take up a lot more of the vanity top than is really necessary.

So, what about those pretty pedestal sinks? They’re fine for tight spaces, but keep in mind you’re giving up a lot of storage space for your bathroom cleaning products and other items you’d usually stow away in the vanity cabinet. If your dream home features a pedestal sink, no need to pass it by. Just understand the drawbacks and plan accordingly.

4. Laundry room upstairs

What could be more convenient? Surely, you aren’t going to miss lugging baskets of laundry up and down the stairs. The problem is, washers and dryers can be noisy. Suddenly, your quiet oasis of a bedroom sounds like you’re trying to relax in the middle of a laundromat.

If you’ve already opted into an upstairs laundry room and aren’t loving it, there isn’t a whole lot you can do other than to move the laundry room elsewhere, a costly proposition. If you’re still in the market, you may want to put less emphasis on the convenience of an upstairs laundry center.

5. An in-ground pool

Who doesn’t love a swimming pool, especially in Arizona? Maybe you picture yourself lounging poolside on a sweltering evening, cool refreshment within reach. Or, maybe it seems like the perfect solution to spending more time with family.

It’s true, pools are great. But it’s important that you know what you’re getting into. If you can afford to have a professional take care of your in-ground pool, this isn’t an issue. Enjoy.

If not, you better be prepared for the cost of maintenance that goes into owning a pool and have the commitment to care for it. You don’t want to spend all your free time trying to keep your pool in good condition. That ruins all the reasons you wanted a pool in the first place.

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