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What is foreclosure?

Foreclosure is the legal process in which a mortgage lender or other lien holder sells or repossesses a home when the homeowner defaults on their loan payments. It’s important to understand your rights and options if you are facing foreclosure, so you can take action to protect yourself and your financial future.

The Foreclosure Process in Arizona

Notice Filed
Mortgage lender files a Notice of Default with the County Recorder office.
Deadline Warning
Payment must be made within 90 days or foreclosure auction begins.
Property Auction
Lender or another bidder can purchase the property at a public auction.
Ownership Transfer
All remaining rights of ownership are transferred to new owner.

Save Your Home

Don't panic if you've been notified of a trustee sale on your home. We offer free assistance with loan modification, equity, advances, and grant programs to help keep your home. No cost or obligations - just the help you need.

Loan Modification
A loan modification enables a restructuring of the loan, and potentially reduced monthly payments.
Equity Advance
An equity advance is an alternative to traditional financial loans, with easier approval, and based on home equity.
Housing Grants
Government funded housing grants are available with no repayment required to aid homeowners in saving their homes.


Selling your home can be a viable option if you are facing foreclosure. It allows you to remain in control of the process and to put all of the equity in your house back into your pocket that would otherwise be lost due to foreclosure proceedings.

At The Offer Company, you can get cash offers from multiple qualified buyers in just minutes. No prep, repairs, or showings are required. Just compare each offer and choose the best deal – all without incurring any costs or obligations. Make your choice and get your cash within seven days.

Benefits of Multiple Cash Offers

Compare offers
Compare all offers in one convenient place and choose the best deal.
Sell without hassle
Receive competitive all cash offers easily! No prep or showings.
No cost or obligation
Get peace of mind with no cost or obligations – it's totally free!
Get paid fast
Choose the best offer and receive your cash in as a little a 7 days!

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