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Build a place where buyers and sellers come together to accomplish their homeownership goals through a trusted, flexible, and transparent experience.


The Offer Company was founded in 2018 to change the way homes are bought and sold.

Founders Chris and Anette Brown deeply understood the problems that face the modern homeowner. To fix these problems, the two built a small team who set out to create a product that put homeowners at the center of the real estate process. That team became The Offer Company, and that product became The Offer Company Homeowner Marketplace.

Lead Generation for the New Era of Real Estate

Own Your Market
Become the sought-after expert in your community and own that market’s leads by using turn key lead generation. When people reach out to you, they’re already planning to hire you.
Generate Your Own Leads
So you never have to rely on anyone else to build your business ever again. Use inbound, attraction-based marketing, so qualified leads come to you. No more hunting for prospects or begging for clients.
Have a Plan In Place
So you know precisely how you will generate qualified leads every day, create massive momentum for your business, cherry-pick the best clients, and hit every single one of your goals.

Keep 100% of Your Commissions

Only $50 per month and $350 per transaction.

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