6 Missteps Homeowners Make When Readying Their Home for Market

Whether you’re putting your home on the market soon or sometime down the road, presenting it at its best can help you get top dollar and reduce the time it is on the market.

There are plenty of things you can do as homeowner to get your home ready. But even the best decor intentions can sometimes result in décor that appeals less to buyers than anticipated. Here are some examples of what not to do when it comes to getting your home ready for market.

Dull dining areas. Formal dining rooms, with their often-heavy, matching furniture, are becoming less desirable to today’s buyers. Add poor lighting and you can see why your dining space is a bit ho-hum.  Add some flair by painting the walls and updating the lighting, whether you have an eat-in kitchen or separate dining room. This is a place where artwork can really make a space. Large pieces can even make the area seem more expansive. Another rule breaker? Chairs do not all have to match. Instead, choose pieces you love and tie them together with a table that complements them all. Don’t be afraid to choose upholstered chairs that add a burst of color.

Focusing on the television. As televisions have gotten larger, it’s become a greater challenge to keep them from overtaking the living room décor. But, it’s important that you don’t allow a TV to be the one and only focus of your living space. Rather than let your television dominate an otherwise empty wall, turn the space into a gallery wall with artwork. Or, use floating shelves adorned with some interesting collectibles. That way, the wall is still interesting to look at when the television is not in use.

Mismatched appliances. A kitchen is a room in the house where everyone comes together and your design should reflect some of that same cohesiveness when it comes to your appliances. Are the appliances in your kitchen a mishmash of finishes and time periods? If you have room in your budget, replace appliances that don’t match by purchasing pieces that have the same finish, even if they are not all of the same brand. If you are going to mix brands, look for ones with similar handles, as well as the same stainless steel finish.

Outdated stenciling. Sometimes kitchen cabinetry can leave expanses of wall above them. While it’s fine to dress these areas up, don’t rely on a wall decal or stenciling words of wisdom. This look is tired and has run its course. Instead, incorporate some carefully chosen works of art or install a high shelf with vases or beautiful bottles. There are so many options that will look more modern than trite sayings about heart, home and family.

Cluttered open shelving. Open shelving in kitchen areas is still on trend. But, that doesn’t mean you should clutter them up so that they look messy and overflowing. Instead of dozens of cookbooks of all sizes with pages slipping out, ditch this untidy look for a few carefully chosen decanters, past canisters or even some upscale liquors. Keep your shelving asymmetrical for a more contemporary look.

Dark kitchens. Bright, lively kitchens are inviting to would-be buyers. Too often, kitchen lighting is an afterthought. When updating and adding lighting to your kitchen, consider the function of each area. Pendants over an island, task lighting over the sink and under-cabinet lighting are all a must when considering additions to your kitchen’s existing overhead light fixture.

As your real estate agent, I can provide you with some tips for getting your home prepared if you are getting ready to list.

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